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Admitted as freeman by Mass. Gen. Court May, 13, 1642 
METCALF, Michael Jr (I240)
2 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. LEWIS, Carol Ray (I3)
Buried in the Boulter family plot - along the Saco River, Standish. 
LINNELL, Eliza (I2313)
Buried in the Boulter family plot, along the Saco River, Standish, ME. 
HIGGINS, Martha (I2312)
Buried in the Wyoming Cemetery, Melrose, MA - grave 4, lot #3 Soldiers section.
Lizzie died after being sick for several weeks. She was member of one of the early families of Melrose. 
PRENTICE, Elizabeth Wood (I660)
Buried in the Wyoming Cemetery. Melrose, MA 
WHIDDEN, Angeline (I679)
Cause of death was sucide, (gun shot wound). 
BRACKETT, Ralph Milton (I2286)
Charles was a tin smith, cigar maker, and worked for Boston and Maine Railroad.
He was one of the first volunteer firement of the Town on Melrose - Hose Co. #4
Member of the Melrose Athletic Club and worked for the schools (janitor before his retirement)
He died at his home of lung cancer.
Buried in the Wyoming Cemetery, Melrose, MA - soldiers lot #3

lived at 80 Lynde St.- Melrose, MA 
CRITCHETT, Charles J. (I677)
Clerk 3-16-1709 held for 1 year- Probably a carpenter, as Town record for 1708 shows receipt $180 pounds for erecting meeting house Duxbury. Moved to Rochester about 1710.
Died 1740- wife, Ruth, and son, Noah administrators of estate. The descendants of this Samuel became very numerous for a time and were prominent and useful citizens in the communities in which they lived. For some reason the name became almoust extinct. (taken from computer, Ancestry.com)
(taken from book Sprague Families in America pg. 14) 
SPRAGUE, Lieut. Samuel (I2354)
Daniel and Mary lived in Steep Falls. He built mills. He is buried in Saco, ME. He died of consumption.
They had 6 children. 
HEATH, Daniel (I2323)
Died about 179?, wife remarried 1797. 
BOULTER, Lemuel (I2293)
Died young in England. 
METCALF, Anne (I2215)
Frank and his brother, George and sister, Rebecca moved to Merrimac, MA in 1875. 
ANDERSON, Frank (I1463)
From Dedham, MA. 
RICHARDS, James (I2245)
From Lebanon, CT.
" Here lies the body of Mr. Jonathan Metcalf, a virtuous, Christian, and generous merchant and benefactor of the Church and first Society in Lebanon,who having been long and solicitiousley trading for the Pearl of Great Price, exchanged this life in the hope of a better and more enduring substance, March 30, 1738-9, in the 63rd year of his age. (Grave-Stone Lebanon buring ground.) 
METCALF, Jonathan (I2231)
From Reading, MA 
BANCROFT, Lieut. Thomas Sr (I2207)
From Sharon, CT. 
PRATT, Rev. Peter (I2261)
Harold was born in Melrose, MA. Jan. 16, 1889. He graduated Melrose School (Class of 1907). He went to Boston College Class of 1911. He was an engineer, salesman and dealer in steam specialities. He was a member of the Methodist Church of MeMelrose. He enlisted in the service April 2, 1912. He was a Corporal of Troop A of the 1st Squadron of Cavalry and enlisted at Boston on the 2nd day of April 1915. He was a marksman and a good horseman. "He was honest and faithful". June 5, 1917 he enlisted again in Allston, MA going to France in WW1. He was a Sergeant First Class in Company C, 101st Field Signal Battalion.
He served in the battles of Champagne-Marne---Defensive, Aisne-Marne, Saint-Mihiel, Meuse-Argonne, -Offensives
Defensive Sectors- Chemin-des-Dames, Toul-Boucq, Pas Fini, Rupt, Troyon
He departed the US on Sept. 22, 1917 and returned April 17, 1919.
He received many medals and the Medal Of Verdon.
He was 5ft. 5½in. auburn hair and blue eyes.
He married Ruth Critchett on June 10, 1916. They had two daughters, Ardel and Marcia.
They lived in Melrose but summered in Limington, ME. Staying in a home on property that had been in his family. They also had a camp on Pequaket Lake. He moved to Maine a couple of years before his wife came. As she stayed in MA while Marcia finished high school. He and daughter, Ardel were in ME together while she attended college. He raised chickens and farmed. He loved to go to the horse races and kept file cards on all of the horses and jockeys.
He looked a lot like President Eisenhower.
He died of myocardial infarction - due to arterosclerosis. He died at his home on Oct. 3, 1964. He is buried in the Wyoming Cemetery, Melrose, MA. His wife is also buried with him.

As a child I would go every weekend to see my grandparents and each time that I would leave he would tell me, "go to school tomorrow and tell the teacher she is a PYG-hog".
He liked to laugh. He and Ruth bickered all of the time. 
ANDERSON, Harold Whidden (I675)
Harvard University, 1703. Was minister in Falmouth, MA. 
METCALF, Reverend Joseph (I2237)
Henry died at the home of William Boynton in So. Standish, ME.
He died of consumption.
He and Deborah Dyer only had one child, Mary Ann Heath. 
HEATH, Henry (I687)
Her first name may have been Tryphesa. 
LEE, Tryphosa (I1319)
Isaac was and Indian form Lyman, ME. Resided near Canada 
CHASE, Isaac (I686)
John and Sally hd 2 children. they lives in Steep Falls and Nashua, NH.
John was from Standish, ME 
PIERCE, John (I2327)
John of Lebanon, CT. 
HUNTINGTON, John (I2249)
John was from Dedham. 
MACKINTOSH, John (I2219)
26 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. THOMAS, Debrah Nancy (I1215)
Lived in Shewsbury, MA until age 20 then moved to Melrose, MA.
He was in the shoe business.
Member of Co. E. 50th Mass. volunteers (9mos. volunteered but served 15 mos.
(enrolled Oct. 18, 1862 - discharged Aug. 24, 1863)
knee injury - needed to use crutches. Honorably discharged & member of the G.A.R. Private of Capt. Samuel F. Littlefield's Co.
(Carol has discharge papers)
Honored and esteemed citizen of Melrose. Democrat and active in town politics.
During Pres. Cleveland's tern he was appointed deputy at the State House (1885 1st term to 1889 and
2nd term 1893 to 1897)
Worked on Essex St. - Melrose, MA at the time of his death.
He is buried at the Wyoming Cemetery Melrose, Middlesex, MA 
PRENTICE, Charles E. (I2289)
Married and had 9 sons and 1 daughter. 
METCALF, Jonathan III (I2256)
29 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family (F4)
Mary Ann Heath died at the home of her daughter in Charlestown, MA. 
HEATH, Mary Ann (I681)
Middle initial may be C or S. 
METCALF, Robert Comfort (I2158)
notes from computer/Ancestry.com-"Sprague families in America" by W.V. Sprague pg.11
"as the birth of their daughter, Ruth is recorded there. This John, morelikely than John of William, was a Counsellor of Sir Edmund Andros. He was slain in Pierce's fight at Pawtucket in Swampfight, King Philip's war, March 26, 1675. His estate was appraised in 1676 and was sworn to by widow Ruth Sprague.
1649 - they moved to Marshfield,MA (north of Plymouth) where their 3rd child, Ruth was born.
They moved back to Duxbury shere in 1670, John succeeded to his father's business of running an "Ordinary" (tavern). 
SPRAGUE, John Sr. (I2363)
Ran away to sea at the age of 16 and was never heard from again. 
HEATH, Abram (I2333)
Rebecca and her brothers, George and Frank moved to Merrimac, MA in 1875. 
ANDERSON, Rebecca Ellen (I1460)
Records from the Mormon Church state that his date of birth is actually March 22, 1714. 
METCALF, Pelatiah (I663)
Resided in Standish, also lived in Limington, ME. Elizabeth and Wm. had 5 children. 
HEATH, Elizabeth Boulter (I2318)
Residences- Limington, ME, Lawrence, MA, Melrose, MA
Businesses- Boston, MA -dealer in engineering specialities - George P. Anderson & Co.
along with his brother, Frank, sold-mineral water from the spring located on the Anderson property in Limington, ME- Cold Bowling Spring Mineral Water. Water was distributed in ME and MA-Haverill and Merrimac areas.
55 yrs member of the Masonic fraternity - Wyoming Lodge A.F. & A.M.
32d. degree Scotish Rite Mason joining 1st in Portsmouth, NH than to Wyoming Lodge, Melrose, MA
Active member of Old Timer's Club - First Methodist Church -Melrose, MA and Supt. of Sunday Schools there.
Buried in the Wyoming Cemetery, Melrose, MA 
ANDERSON, George Parker (I678)
Richard was a farmer, clamdigger, etc. He was quite ruff around the edges. A real Mainer.
He raised chickens, goats, and other animals. He chewed tobacco and was quite disgusting in his spitting out of the tobacco into a cut out milk jug.
He and Marcia had one son, Lee, born in 1945. They lived in West Bath, Sagadahoc County, ME. and later moved to Limington, York County, ME.

MERRIFIELD, Richard Simeon (I2285)
Ruth was born Oct. 9, 1889 in Melrose, MA.
She attended Melrose school and the Methodist church.

She had reddish hair. She always did her fingernails, usually in a dark red. She would sit in her chair next to Carol's paraket, POGO and talk to him. He would say, "Pogo such a pretty boy" and wolf whistle.

She liked her son-in-law, Duffy (Raymond Lewis) but dislike quite strongly her other son-in-law, Richard Merrifield.
She liked to play cards, bridge and whist. She would go to the whist parties.

She died of cancer-?pancreatic in the Maine Medical Center- Portland, ME.
She hated hot dogs but the day before she died she wanted two and ate both of them. 
CRITCHETT, Ruth Gladys (I676)
Sally and John Pierce had 2 children.
They resided in Steep Falls, ME and Nashua, NH. 
HEATH, Sally Brown (I2326)
Samuel from Lebanon, CT. 
HUNTINGTON, Deacon Samuel (I2255)
Sarah died of Lung fever in Limington, ME. 
HARDY, Sarah (I683)
Some records from the Mormon Church list his first name as being Eleazur. 
METCALF, Deacon Eleazur Sr (I667)
Thomas was a deacon at Dedham. 
METCALF, Deacon Thomas (I2212)
William and Eliza had 6 children. He died of consumption and is buried in the Groveville Cem. Buxton, ME. 
HEATH, William (I2329)
William died of consumption and is buried in the Steep Falls Cemetery. 
ANDERSON, William H. (I376)
Wm Smith and Mary (Boulter) had 10 children. 
SMITH, Capt. William (I2311)
48 In the Tatterford Parish register for 1585 is the entry of baptism of "Leonard Metcalf, filius Leonardi Metcalf et bapt. fuit 3d die Septembris." METCALF, Leonard (I226)
49 "He enlisted in war and was never heard from again," according to "The Drake family in England and America, 1360-1895, and the descendants of Thomas Drake of Weymouth, Mass., 1635-1691" by Louis Stoughton Drake, page 60 (image #85 at Family Search). The only support so far for this may be the June 1863 draft registration (not enlistment) lists, one for Massachusetts showing a Charles Gleason, age 38, farmer, born in NH; and the other for Woodstock, Connecticut, with a Charles Gleason, age 39, laborer, born in Mass. Farther down the Woodstock list is another Charles Gleason ("1st"), 41, laborer, also born in Massachusetts. One of them enlisted 24 Dec 1863 (1st Heavy Artillery) and died on 4 Oct 1864, where it is noted that this person did not survive the war but doesn't say how or where he died. We need to verify which Charles Gleason this is. GLEASON, Charles Dexter (I107)
50 "Pierce's Fight," King Philip's War SPRAGUE, John Sr. (I2363)

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