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Matches 101 to 150 of 746

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101 All Saints Churchyard: https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/202367598/charles-layton LAYTON, Charles (I312)
102 All Saints Churchyard: https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/202374816/thomas-layton LAYTON, Thomas (I287)
103 Also BANESTER and BANYSTER. Unlinked from John FAIRBANKE as there is no evidence to prove they were married.  BENESTER, Jane (I2282)
104 Also spelled BICKNOF, BAGNELL, BIGNELL BRIGNALL, William (I2209)
105 Also spelled HEBBORNE and similar ways.  HEPBURN, Thomas (I288)
106 Also spelled PAIGE. Daughter-in-law, and also stepdaughter of Michael Sr. by his second wife Mary Sothy Pidge.  PIDGE, Sarah (I2213)
107 Apoplexy CROWNINGSHIELD, Harriett A (I2167)
108 Approximately 10 children Family (F881)
109 Approximately 10 children. Family (F54)
110 Approximately 12 children. Family (F876)
111 Approximately 14 children. Family (F16)
112 Approximately eight children. Family (F864)
113 Approximately seven children. Family (F872)
114 Arnold Mills Cemetery BROWN, Albe (I2123)
115 Arnold Mills Cemetery WHIPPLE, Ruth Jane (I674)
116 Arnold Mills Cemetery BROWN, Amey Ann (I173)
117 Arnold Mills Cemetery BROWN, Sumner (I673)
118 Arteriosclerotic heart disease. CRITCHETT, Charles Wood (I1296)
119 As "Albert WOHLTMANN" WOODMAN, Albert G (I30)
120 As of the 1910 census, the family resides on Main Street in Buxton, Maine, and they've had three children, two of whom are living. Family (F8)
121 As of the 1920 census, the family was living on Narragansett Street in Gorham, Maine. Family (F8)
122 At the Giles's family's Hotel Malvern in Kezar Falls after a few months' illness. (She had breast cancer.)  METCALF, Ruth Rebecca (I1194)
123 Bainbridge branch from Worton. The name is still also spelled "Medecalf" for this generation.  METCALF, Capt James (I253)
124 Baptism date: Norwich, St Clement and St Edmund, Norfolk, England. METCALF, Joan (I2216)
125 Baptized 1 Feb 1789 THAYER, Leah (I2121)
126 Baptized 11 Oct 1617. KELWAY, Milcah (I1306)
127 Baptized 13 Nov 1720 METCALF, Hannah (I181)
128 Baptized 29 Jan 1714 METCALF, Lucy (I2269)
129 Baptized 9 Apr 1808. DUDLEY, Sybel (I2172)
130 Based on "84th year" on gravestone. ALDEN, Ruth (I2355)
131 Based on Social Security record, but the notation and date there refer to name usage not to death. Actual date of death is being researched. BROWN, David (I110)
132 Based solely on not being able to find her on an 1880 US census. She may be living in one of her daughters' households in 1880, but more research is needed. CROCKER, Patty Brooks (I57)
133 Bedale Church METCALF, Lucas (I336)
134 Birth mistakenly registered as "son."  SNOW, Meletiah (I1302)
135 Boston and various newspapers: "Drowned off Gurnet Beach while pursuing a whale." SPRAGUE, William (I2367)
136 Both children (Philip and Annie) with Alice D WYMAN died very young. METCALF, Alpha Horatio (I168)
137 Boulter Cemetery BOULTER, Daniel (I2299)
138 Boulter Cemetery HARDING, Lettice (I2338)
139 Buried in the Giles lot in Riverside Cemetery. METCALF, Ruth Rebecca (I1194)
140 Calculated from death record information. It's Sep 1860 according to the 1900 US census. Other info has him born abt 1858. MERRILL, Edwin (I96)
141 Carbuncle METCALF, Mehitable Bowen (I2161)
142 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family (F1)
143 Cause of death: "blue baby." METCALF, Dora Amy (I1288)
144 Census: (Name misspelled Sybley.) Household includes the 4 family members, plus Edna R's husband Geo E Woodman (27) and Edna Pierce (widow).  Family (F9)
145 Census: Household includes Chas Sr (31), Georgia (30), Edna R (8), Chas Jr (4), and in-laws Geo (55) and Edna (49) Pierce. Family (F9)
146 Census: Household includes Chas Sr, wife Georgia, and her mother Edna Pierce. Family (F9)
147 Census: Household includes Chas Sr, wife Georgia, dau. Edna Woodman (divorced) and granddaughter Anne E (16). Family (F9)
148 Census: Household: same as 1900 census. Family (F9)
149 Center Cemetery ALDEN, Ruth (I2355)
150 Center Cemetery SPRAGUE, Lieut. Samuel (I2354)

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