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201 During birth of third child, who also died. SAVELS, Bethia (I2234)
202 East Village Cemetery METCALF, Elias (I2139)
203 Eliot Burying Ground METCALF, Joan (I2216)
204 Eliot Burying Ground POLLEY, John (I217)
205 Ellsworth is 77 and Sylvia is 69 on the 1940 US census for Brownfield, Maine. LEWIS, Sylvia E (I2182)
206 Entries in niece Amy Lewis's diary:
- Weds, Sept. 19, 1945, afternoon: Aunt Blanche badly off. Took her to hospital in ambulance - Eleanor (Lewis), Sumner, Sid and I. I came out with Sid.
- Weds, Sept. 19, 1945, evening: Called Eleanor. Not much hope. (Note: Amy's sister Eleanor was a nurse.)
- Thurs, Sept. 20, 1945: Blanche died. 12:10.
- Sunday, Sept. 23, 1945: Blanche's funeral at 2:00. 
MERRILL, Blanche Belle (I1237)
207 Erysipelas METCALF, John Wilson Sr (I2150)
208 Erysipelas GRANT, Elizabeth Jane (I31)
209 Estimate based upon his possibly being underage in 1540, according to the Metcalfe Society's "History of the Clan." METCALF, Humphrey (I268)
210 Everett and his wife, Sarah WEEKS, had 4 children: Dora, Eddie, Ida, and Donald.
They also raised their nephew, Sewell, after the death of his mother, Kathleen (Day) Metcalf.
They lived on the Parsonsfield side of Kezar Falls.
Sarah was a great cook. Uncle Everett was a large man and quite lame in later years. He died of cardiac arrest at Bridgton Hospital. 
METCALF, Everett Alba (I2406)
211 Evergreen Cemetery METCALF, Deacon Jonathan (I195)
212 Fairmount Cemetery THOMAS, John Hubert (I1201)
213 Fairmount Cemetery WATSON, Pansy E (I2423)
214 Falmouth Old Burying Ground METCALF, Reverend Joseph (I2237)
215 Family name is WOLHTMAN on the 1880 US census for Chelsea, Massachusetts. Parents born in Hanover, Germany. Mother's maiden name SCHWARR. WOODMAN, Albert G (I30)
216 Father is John BOULTER, born 2 Dec 1672, Hampton, New Hampshire, whose mother Grace (SWAIN) BOULTER and oldest sister, Mary (BOULTER) PRESCOTT, were accused of witchcraft about 1680. ("History of the town of Hampton, New Hampshire: from its settlement in 1638, to the autumn of 1892" by Joseph Dow.) BOULTER, Nathaniel (I2345)
217 Father is John GOULD of Attleboro, MA. GOULD, Susannah (I456)
218 Ferry Road, Saco, Maine HEATH, Nicholas (I689)
219 Find A Grave record has his year of death as 1494, but his will was proved in 1486. METCALF, Myles (I256)
220 Find out if this is Margaret or her father. 1531 doesn't give her much time to have all those children, unless there are twins here and there. PIGOT, Margaret (I266)
221 First husband John SAVEL/SAVILL, married 20 Oct 1668. She marries Josiah CHAPIN 22 Jun 1713. HANDS SAVEL, Mehitable (I216)
222 First husband Joseph DRESSER 1833. DENNETT, Olive (I2341)
223 First husband Thomas PIDGE, married 1619. Parents of her stepson Deacon Thomas's wife Sarah. SOTHY PIDGE, Mary (I2197)
224 First husband Waldo ZOLLER, married NY 1907. WATSON, Pansy E (I2423)
225 First name also shown as Ellen GLEASON, Ella Lorana (I106)
226 First name is sometimes shown as Mehitable. METCALF, Meheta Mariam (I2149)
227 Five other children: John, George, Susan, Jonas, and Jonathan. Family (F500)
228 Flanders Cemetery HALL, Julia Dorris (I440)
229 Flanders Cemetery PIERCE, Frank Leland (I439)
230 From "Alumni Cantabrigienses" (Cambridge University) 1261-1900, compiled by J. A. Venn, a former president of Queen's College: "METCALFE, LEONARD. Matric. pens. from ST JOHN'S, Lent, 1563-4; B.A. 1568-9. R. of Tatterford and West Barsham, Norfolk, 1603. Father of Nicholas (1607)." METCALF, Rev Leonard (I140)
231 From the Tatterford, Norfolk, England, parish register:
"Leonard Metcalfe clarke (clerk) was buryed ye 22th daye of September (1616)." 
METCALF, Rev Leonard (I140)
232 From various genealogy publications, but there is apparently no record of this. WILSON, Henry (I2200)
233 From Wikipedia:
Dornix originated in the Flemish (today Walloon) town of Doornijk in the 15th century and was made from a combination of wool and linen. It was a coarse cloth, similar to kersey, and used on beds, hangings, curtains and similar purposes. It was popular in middle-class English homes in the 15th century. Manufacture spread to the Flemish town of Lille, and to Norwich in England, where substantial manufacture continued until the 18th century. 
METCALF, Michael Sr (I1297)
234 From wounds he had received during the Battle of Cedar Mountain, Virginia, which occurred on August 9, 1862. ANDERSON, Charles Henry (I1425)
235 Gave up Roman Catholicism and received holy orders under Church of England.  METCALF, Rev Leonard (I140)
236 George died of spinal meningitis at the age of 3 years, 2 months and 18 days. METCALF, George P (I1289)
237 GOULD is the 2nd wife. (#1 is Berthia ______ and #3 is Lydia RAMSDELL. Records showing the first wife as "Susannah Berthia" or "Berthia Susannah" are incorrect.) Family (F159)
238 Grants Mills area. BROWN, Sylvester Whipple (I111)
239 Had a daughter Barbara Ruth b 5 Jul 1932 (d 29 Oct 1994) and twin sons David Curtis (d 27 Nov 2010) and Daniel C (d 24 Jan 2017) b 11 May 1937. Family (F28)
240 Hamlin Cemetery METCALF, Lewis Leroy (I2151)
241 Hammond Cemetery SPRAGUE, Priscilla (I2361)
242 Harbor View Cemetery SIBLEY, Charles Ruby Jr. (I2443)
243 He has his own household on the 1840 US census for Porter, Maine, including himself (age 20-30), one female under age 5, and one female age 20-30. Family (F309)
244 He is listed without her by 1494-95, 10 Henry VII. Plaintiffs are her husband Thomas, her sister Agnes Pudsey and her niece Agnes (Anne) Tempest. DE HARTLINGTON, Elizabeth (I263)
245 He is on the 1820 US census for Royalston, MA, but not on the 1830. METCALF, Michael (I2137)
246 He's listed on the 1800 census for "Phillipsburgh" in York County, indicating that he's likely at least 20 years old. His marriage in Standish, Maine, in 1801 also lists his residence as "Phillipsburg." TOWNSEND, Nathaniel (I2334)
247 Heart disease GREENE, George Knowlton (I116)
248 Heart disease METCALF, Charles Francis (I2163)
249 Heart disease HEATH, Elizabeth Boulter (I2318)
250 Her brother may be the Rev John ALLIN (Find A Grave Memorial ID# 21096704). ALLEN, Elizabeth (I1304)

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