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51 "Rhode Island Town Deaths Index, 1639-1932", database, FamilySearch (https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/1:1:F8X2-74L : 4 November 2020), David Brown, 1895. BROWN, David (I2433)
52 "The Immigrant" WARE, Robert (I448)
53 "Vallejo Ferry Slip" according to Find A Grave. Need to verify that this is our person.  BROWN, Harry Sumner (I109)
54 (Amos) Boulter Cemetery SPRAGUE, Ruth (I696)
55 (Amos) Boulter Cemetery  BOULTER, Samuel Fowler (I2298)
56 (Amos) Boulter Cemetery MERROW, Charity (I2342)
57 (Amos) Boulter Cemetery. the family plot at the homestead along the Saco River, Standish, Maine.
BOULTER, Capt Nathaniel (I695)
58 (From Ancestry.com: "Sprague Families in America" by W.V. Sprague, pg. 2)

"... (left) England, and arrived at Plymouth, July 1623. He was one of those 'passengers' who, as Morton writes, 'seeing the low and poor conditions of those that were before them, were much daunted and dismayed, and according to their divers humors, were diversely affected. Some wishe themselves in England again; others fell to weeping, fancying their own misery in what they say in others; other pitying the distress they say their friends had long been in, and still were under. In a word, all were full of sadness; only some of their old friends rejoiced to see them, and it was no worse with them for they culd not expect it should be better and now hoped they should enjoy better days together. And truly it was no marvel they should be thus affected, for they were in a low condition, both in respect of food and clothing at that time.'
Governor Bradford, in allusion to the passengers who came in the Anne and the James, says, 'the best dish we could present them with, is lobster, or a piece of fish, without bread, or any thing else but a cup of fair spring water; and the long continuance of this diet, with our labors aboard, had somewhat abated the freshness of our complexion; but God gives us health.' "

"Servant to William Bassett?
He was one of the original purchasers of Dartmouth.
Son, John, with the provision that John would not take possession until his father died.
Mr. Sprague did not adhere strictly to the enactments of the civil code of the Puritan Fathers and was several times brought before the Court for what they considered departures from the strict line of duty. His ardent temperament and great independence of mind did not fully accord with the principles of the Puritans, but considered from the present standard of estimating the characters of men, he must have been a person of worth and great respectability. We know that he was the head of a most hororable and respected family of descendant." 
SPRAGUE, Francis (I2371)
59 (SEARS) Wife of son Simeon? LINSCOTT, Patience (I2191)
60 13 months, 26 days CROCKER, Joseph (I54)
61 1558? Metcalf, Amy (I141)
62 1584 Court Baron for Kirkby and Hanlith quoted at son John's record: the Latin is difficult to puzzle out but does seem to indicate that it's Leonard's court, not John's. Then John calls his own in 1592. METCALF, Leonard (I231)
63 1810 US census: household listed in his name has two adults over age 45, which are likely he and wife Hannah. This needs to be verified. METCALF, Jabez (I2136)
64 1867 on 1900 US census BAAB, May Belle (I2124)
65 1867 on 1900 US census BROWN, Erastus Whipple (I2122)
66 1910 census for Walpole, Norfolk, MA (Neponset Ave), she's age 7, b in Maine, living with grandmother Jennie Gould (widow, b VT). Susie Fletcher, married 5 years, and 3 siblings are here, too, all born RI (father in ME, mother in VT). Fletcher is Susie's second marriage, and Jennie's last name here is Mathewson.

1920 census for Arlington, Middlesex, MA (26 Magnolia Street): Jennie is age 16, born in Maine. Parents are John L. (s/b be Donald Leo?) Fletcher, 38, born in MA, and wife Susie (Susie Florence Gould), 37, born in Rhode Island, married 14 Dec 1904 in Arlington, MA. (Marriage record says Susie was born in Limerick, ME.) Donald's parents, Eli and Jennie (Joyal), born in Nova Scotia, Canada; Susie's parents, Thomas E Gould and Jennie (Taylor), born in Maine and Vermont. Susie died 11 Feb 1948, Lynn, MA. Need to confirm all these names, dates and places.  
FLETCHER, Jeanette M (I2444)
67 1930 US census: living with wife and her sister in Putnam, Windham, Connecticut, USA METCALF, Arthur Ralph (I170)
68 1940 census: name spelled Joice METCALF, Joyce Enid (I1249)
69 1942 Draft Card note: No middle name, just initial. SIBLEY, Charles Ruby Jr. (I2443)
70 1st marriage to John BLYE (1685-?) 23 Oct 1718, Portsmouth, NH. LEWIS, Grace (I2346)
71 26 years old on 17 Jun 1635. ONION, Robert (I2205)
72 2nd Congregational Church Family (F336)
73 3 Nov? FAIRBANKE, John (I2272)
74 3rd wife. Family (F887)
75 6th of seven children. MANN, Hepzibah (I664)
76 9 years, 9 months, 24 days CROCKER, Anna (I53)
77 Abial came from Scarborough, ME, to Machias, ME, in 1763 in Capt. Buck's vessel, one of the first settlers. He was a cordwainer, and with wife Hannah, sold 72 pounds to a certain island in Harpswell, ME, called Great Tebascodegan Island, where he lived for more then 20 years. (About 300 acres in Boothbay).
Yeoman: He & son Abial signed a petition to the Gen. Court of MA at Boston to recognize their right to establish a township: Machais, ME.
(Taken from the book "History of Early Baileyville" and also from Ancestry.com.) 
SPRAGUE, Abial Abiel (I2347)
78 According to "Mayflower Births and Deaths." SPRAGUE, Lieut. Samuel (I2354)
79 According to 1940 census. Family (F951)
80 According to a handwritten East Montpelier death record, he was 96 yrs 6 mos 14 days old, a farmer, "probably born in Newport, NH." Parents are correct. Other notes: "Settled in Montpelier January 1804" and "A Revolutionary War soldier, serving from 1775 several years."  METCALF, Elias (I2139)
81 According to a tree at Family Search. This needs to be verified. He's not on 1880 census. METCALF, Eugene Pratt (I2168)
82 According to Amy Lewis Bent, granddaughter of James, she was his favorite. According to her mother, Grace Metcalf Lewis, daughter of James, he bought the farm in Porter, Maine, when she was 7 years of age. He moved the family there by wagon. He returned to Wrentham, Massachusetts, to get the family gravestone, also bringing it to Maine by wagon. The stone is in the Lord (Porterfield) Cemetery, Porter, Maine.
METCALF, James Arthur (I653)
83 According to an account by great-grandson George Parker Anderson (1847-1927), Nicholas was the son of Joshua Heath and Molly Cotton, both born in England. As the story goes, Nicholas was left an orphan after his father was believed to have been lost at sea while serving in the Navy during the Revolutionary War and his mother was shot in the streets of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, by British soldiers. The location--and even the occurrence--of the latter event is questionable, as there is no record of it or of an armed British presence in Portsmouth, save a half-dozen older soldiers guarding a munitions store in a fort on the waterfront, who were quickly overwhelmed and the munitions seized in 1774.

Regardless, the story continues that Squire Henry Young Brown, a cattle dealer from Maine, was in Portsmouth at the time and took young Nicholas home with him by horseback. It is said that Nicholas was adopted, but in the last will and testament of Squire Brown, Nicholas appears to have been an indentured servant, receiving "50 acres deeded by Henry Young Brown northside of Burnt Meadow Mt. (North Mountain) above the Spring Farm in 1791, said farm later known as the Heath Farm. etc. for 13 years 8 months of service."

Recognizable by his "square-ended nose," Nicholas was one of the original settlers of Brownfield, which had been named for his benefactor. Nicholas and his wife Ruth (Boulter) had nine children. At about the age of 45, Nicholas contracted yellow fever from a sailor, which left him crippled for the rest of his life.

According to the "History of Brownfield" by William Teg, "Nicholas Heath and his family were unrelentingly pursued by poverty." The 4 March 1844 Town Meeting "voted to have N. Heath disposed of by the Selectman" (meant to determine employment).

He is said to be buried on Ferry Road, Saco, Maine. 
HEATH, Nicholas (I689)
84 According to Franklin town records. There is no other information except for the title "Dr." so this needs to be verified. METCALF, Ebenezer (I207)
85 According to great niece Amy [Lewis] Bent, Aunt May Belle was deaf. On the occasion of Amy's wedding to Everett Bent in 1946, Aunt May Belle wrote from Arnold Mills [postmarked "Valley Falls-Lonsdale"] Rhode Island:
"Dear Amy, I received your letter saying you were to be married March the second. I was some surprised, still I had an idea you had a friend and it would take place some time later on. I wish you the best of luck, Happiness, Health and Prosperity, and I congratulate Mr. Bent on his choice of a Bride. I all so received a letter from [great niece] Dora saying she was to be married soon. Has her new home most ready to go in, too. Am I right I take it by your letter you are going to return with Mr. Bent to Missouri or are you going later? I am mailing you a small package to you, thought you would like some dainty little gift -- to remember you still have an aunt that has all ways appreciated your kindness to her. I was making some for [daughter] Marion's birthday. I know all young girls like pretty things, and I am sending Dora two too. I hope Amy you have a lovely bright sun shiny day and I will be thinking of you on that day. And when you find the time please just write me a few lines to let me know where you are. I will now close with lots of love to you and best regards to Mr. Bent. Sincerely, Aunt May Belle February Twenty fourth 1946
PS: Thought I would tell you not to put the guest towels in the laundry for they damage them a lot. Just wash by hand, and when quite damp iron with quite a hot flat until dry. Keep them perfectly straight as they pull uneven easily. You will have them like new all the time. And they don't need to be hung up to dry. Just roll them up in a towel. Hope you receive pkg all right and soon. Aunt M."

BAAB, May Belle (I2124)
86 According to Joseph Foster ("Pedigrees" 1874), died "s.p." METCALF, Francis (I367)
87 According to Joseph Foster ("Pedigrees" 1874), died "s.p." METCALF, Edward (I369)
88 According to Joseph Foster's pedigree (1874), she's the daughter of ______ THURSBY of Thursby. Grandson Michael of Hennege, son of Vincent, also marries a THURSBY. THURSBY, Unknown (Leonard) (I252)
89 According to published HEATH family history. HEATH, Daniel (I2323)
90 According to the Metcalfe Society's "Metcalfe: History of the Clan" (1998, 2002), he was "killed 1278." With regard to this murder, in "Records of the Family of Metcalfe" (1891), Walter C. and Gilbert Metcalfe say: "The earliest mention of the name of Metcalfe which has yet been discovered is contained in the assize roll of Yorkshire, 7 Edward I. (N. 1, 8, membr. 1), from which the following is an extract in extension: 'Ricardus de Staynbrigge de Dent occidit Adam Medecalf de eadem et statim fugit et malecreditur, ideo exegatur et utlagatur. Catella ejus xiiij(s) vj(d) unde idem vicecomes respondebit. Primus inventor obiit.' This passage has been the occasion of much misapprehension on the part of those who have hitherto professed to give its effect." MEDECALF DE DENT, Adam (I434)
91 According to the Metcalfe Society's "Metcalfe: History of the Clan" (1998, 2002), he was "William fils Maldred Lord of Carlton Middleton, Dent etc. Later known as William de Dent."  DE DENT, William (I438)
92 According to the notation on an official copy of the old marriage record, the year on the original is difficult to read because the pages are torn, but it's between 1820 and 1822. The best choice is 1821, because in the handwritten vital records for the Town of Scarborough (1816-1891), marriage intentions were filed by the couple on 21 Oct 1821, and their daughter was born in June 1822.

Link to this source: https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:3QS7-L9N8-S2CC?i=93&cc=1803978 
Family (F328)
93 According to will and probate records of Feb 1787 naming widow Hepzibah Allen and her brother Jabez Metcalf among the executors. ALLEN, Jesse (I2142)
94 Adopted son of Harry Benson BRACKETT. First marriage 1945 to Elsie Ray BRADLEY in Roundup, Montana. BRACKETT, Ralph Milton (I2286)
95 Age 1 year, 4 months, 22 days of meningitis. (Carol has newspaper notice.) METCALF, Eva Frances (I1195)
96 Age 8 on 1900 census w/ DOB Mar 1892, but there's a Rhode Island death record for her w/ date of death 10 Sep 1892 (same DOB).  BROWN, Ruth May Belle (I105)
97 Age on death record: 58 years, 10 months, 29 days. The date of birth also appears on this record. Another source of precise birth information has not been found.  DAY, Alvira (I98)
98 Age stated in published HEATH family history ("59 years, 1 month, 11 days") makes birthdate 30 Jun 1799.  HEATH, Daniel (I2323)
99 All Saints Churchyard, with husband William. (His parents: Roger, d 1467, and Katharine GILLIOT, d 1469.) METCALF, Joan (I258)
100 All Saints Churchyard: https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/202367575/elizabeth-layton METCALF, Elizabeth (I274)

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